Name of the Office Sl No. Name of the Officer/Employee Designation Contact Number
DTO Mahabubabad 1 M Viplav Kumar DTO 7799934071
2 A Rama Krishna ATO 7799934072
3 SK Abdul Hafeez STO 7799934074
4 A Prathima Goud STO 7799934076
5 SK Shabeer Pasha STO 7799934075
6 V Ramesh SA 9381479641
7 A Venu Gopal SA 9966952362
8 B Anantha Chary SA 9849016592
9 P Vijaya JA 9133638827
10 B Nageshwar Rao JA 7993790066
11 K Manjula JA 9110512505
12 M Rajendar SHROFF 8897679356
STO Maripeda 13 N Naveen Kumar ATO 7799934079
14 K Rama Krishna STO 7799934080
15 D Shoban Nayak SA 8885634888
16 G Krishna SA 9959640080
17 Shankaraiah SA 9701166278
STO Guduru 18 Md Rafee STO 7799934078
19 D Chokka Rao SA 9440552666
20 Raheeunnisa Begum SA 9550722354


Organisational Structure of Treasuries:

Functions of the Treasuries:

  • Budget authorization DDOs in the district.
  • Enfacement and accounting of Government revenue.


  • Pre audit of all claims of the Govt Departments (non works related) w.r.t. Rules, procedures.
  • Post audit of vouchers passed at Sub Treasuries, to ensure correctness of claims.


  • The department regulates payment of pensions to all state Govt pensioners. The number of pensioners are about 2,200.


  • Recovery watch and Transmission of CPS subscriptions to the employees accounts through NSDL.

Book Adjustment:

  • Devolution of revenue to the local bodies.
  • Maintenance of public Accounts viz.local body accounts,P.D. accounts of colleges,PSUs,Societies etc.
  • Compilation of classified monthly Accounts and submission of the same to the AG
  • Fund management: Class-IV GPF accounts and APEWF accounts are dealt by treasuries.

Modernization of Treasuries:

The Treasuries and Accounts Department is the first department to computerize its activities upto the lowest level offices. The department has always upgrade the systems to suit the current era technologies andprocess re-engineering to deliver services efficiently and effectively.Some of the major reforms taken up during the last 5 years are:

Human Resource Management System:

This is the most important part of the treasury computerization interms of the benefits. All the STOs and DTOs have been successfully brought under this application in March 2009. This is a service to DDO, to generate their pay bills online. They have to feed necessary details of employees initially to update files. Subsequently month after month the paybills can be generated by the DDO, with marginal changes wherever needed for each month. The DDO can electronically submit the bill. The data of the pay roll will be automatically accepted into the treasury online application. No separate data entry needs to be made.

The package facilitates issue of electronic LPC which can be accepted by the new DDO and the package takes care of the entire internal housekeeping of deleting the employee for the old DDO and attaching the employee for the new DDO. The deduction of Loans is linked to the earlier encashment of the Loan Account. The deductions are enforced automatically.

Online Tax payment(Cyber Treasury):

Treasuries have moved to an on-line system of interacting with thecustomers and computing the taxable amounts. The citizen can come to the portal of taxation department where the tax details are worked out and the control is diverted to the Treasury portal and then to the payment gateway of the banks where the customer is having an account. The citizens account is debited and Government pooling account is credited. Every day the funds are transferred to the Government Account at RBI. Presently,the following departments are participating in online collection of taxes. A new initiative to implement a payment gateway that accept all Credit and debit cards is also taken up during the month of October,2016.

  • Commercial Taxes
  • T.S. Beverages Corporation Ltd
  • Mee seva (Mines & Geology Dept)
  • C.M. Relief Fund (to be implemented from 12-06-2014).
  • Registrations & stamps Dept
  • Home department (Guard Charges)
  • Industries Department

Electronic Payments:

The process of online payment of Post Matric Scholarships through CINB Accounts of the Treasury Officer was started for the financial year 2010-11 (from 1-6-2010 onwards).

This is extended to all payments processed through Treasuries. It ensures that the amount is credited to respective payees accounts directly.


The treasury department has developed an advanced integrated software package called Integrated Management of Pay and Accounts and Treasuries (IMPAcT) which is aimed at computerizing all functions of Treasuries.

This package caters to the maximum utility enabling to monitor on-line developments with regards to:

  • Passing of bills.
  • Reconciliation.
  • Lapsed Deposits under PD Account.
  • AC Bills and DC Bills.
  • Government Receipts and Expenditure.
  • Maintenance of Class IV GPF.
  • Electronic payments.
  • Electronic transmission of scrolls.
  • Pension payments to 3.4 lakhs existing pensioners along with new pension cases.
  • ***e-Kuber for Salaries,Pensions,Rythubandhu,Kalyanlakshmi,Budgetbills,Milk,Scholorship bills.

National Pension System(NPS):

The Government of T.S. have adopted the CPS scheme w.e.f. 1-9-2004 on the lines of Government of India through G.O.Ms.No.653, Fin.Dt.22-09-2004, GO.No. 654, Fin. Dt.22-09-04.and G.O.Ms.No.655,Fin.Dt.22-09-04.

This department has successfully implemented this scheme and stood at top 3 positions in India since its inception.

Personal Deposit Accounts:

A portal is launched for management of all PD transactions. This is aimed at computerizing all activities of PD accounts. Logins are provided to about (11210) PD Administrators,124 Treasuries and Government banks. All events right from creation of PD accounts to maintenance and submission of balances are carried out electronically. AG is also provided login to download balances.

This would provide for electronic access to the employees,tracking to know the status,reduce data entry.

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