The following schemes are being implemented in SC Corporation in Mahabubabad District.

Government Schemes

Economic Support Schemes (ESS):-

To provide financial assistance for creation of income generating assets.

Petty Business: –

Implementation of Economic Support Scheme with 100% subsidy (Non bank liked) for the Scheduled Castes beneficiaries up to 50,000/-.

Skilled category:-

Economic Support Schemes (Bank linked) 50% of the target under Economic Support Scheme shall be allocated to the trained candidates and this has to directly selected by the District Collector through by the District Level Committee.

Unskilled category:-

Economic Support Schemes (Bank linked) 50% candidates under Bank Linked Economic Support Schemes will be selected as usually by conducting Grama sabhas / Ward sabhas by Mandal / Municipal committees. The Subsidy pattern is 80% (for unit cost up to Rs.1.00lakh) 70% (for unit cost up to Rs. 2.00 lakh) and 60% (limited to Rs. 5.00 lakhs for unit cost from Rs.2.01 lakhs up to Rs. 12.00 lakhs) and remaining portion loan from Bank or beneficiary contribution.

Eligibility Criteria under self employment schemes:

Beneficiaries under the self-employment and other economic support schemes shall have the following criteria:


  1. 21-50 years for non-agricultural Schemes as on July 1st of the year of consideration.
  2. 21-60 years for agricultural Schemes as on July 1st of the year of consideration.
  3. 18-45 years for Skill Development Training Programme for Self Employment programmes and 18 – 35 for Wage Employment programmes.



  1. 1,50,000/- per annum for Rural areas.
  2. b) Rs.2,00,000/- per annum for Urban areas (Municipalities, Municipal Corporation, Nagar Panchayats).
  1. c) Government was approach for relaxation of income limit for Selecting  candidates  under Skill Development Programme.
  1. Preference shall be given to other condition:


  1. Candidates with higher qualification or requisite qualification required for a skill.
  2. Candidates who are trained under any skill improvement program of the Government from this Corporation are any other Government agency either in the current year or earlier. 50% of the target under Economic Support Scheme shall be covered by the trained candidates duly selected by the District Level Committee.
  3. Beneficiaries who are availing the self-employment scheme for the first time.
  4. Women beneficiaries shall be preferred so as to give 331/3% of the total target.
  5. 5% of the target to be covered with Persons with Disabilities (PWDs).
  6. Other conditions:
  7. a) One house hold shall be limited to only one Self-employment Scheme in (5) years.
  8. Beneficiaries availing the scheme shall not be given any benefit under such scheme for the next 5 years.

       * Every beneficiary must have an Aadhaar number

       * Every beneficiary must have Ration card / Food Security Cards.

       *  All Beneficiaries shall apply through the Online Beneficiary Monitoring & Management System (OBMMS) except those                               specified   by the Corporation.

     * To avail loan under transport sector the driving license is a must.

Selection of Beneficiaries under the economic support schemes

  1. a) The total targeted beneficiaries shall be sub divided for the districts and Mandals/municipalities in proportion to the            SC Population.

         b) Selection of Beneficiaries shall be done by the Grama Sabha/Municipal Ward Sabha for all the schemes except the                          schemes  specified under Entrepreneurship Development Programme, for the trained candidates undergone training                    under Skill Development Programmes and other land based schemes noted in the forth coming pages.

          c) Every candidate who applies for Economic Support Scheme under ISB under trained category shall produce certificate                of training at the time of selection.

          * For selection of beneficiaries, the house-hold survey data as collected by the SERP and MEPMA shall be used in                             prioritizing the applications. Preference shall be given for the poorest of the poor identified in the survey.

         * All the beneficiaries shall apply through the Online Beneficiary Monitoring Management system (OBMMS) to ensure                     transparency and accountability.

        *  Separate selection procedure is adopted for the schemes under Entrepreneurship Development Programme and                            schemes  taken up under Agriculture / Horticulture / Sericulture / Apiculture, by constituting a State Level Committee                and District Level Committees.

Land Purchase Scheme (LPS):-

Providing 3.00 acres of land to the poorest of the poor SC women beneficiaries who are absolutely landless agricultural families along with irrigation facilities and crop assistance for one crop year with 100% subsidy.  


Minor Irrigation / Land Development Schemes:-

Minor Irrigation:-

The LPS lands will be provided irrigation facilities, by drilling of bore wells, tube wells, open wells and canal facilities basing on the type/nature of land with 100% subsidy from the Corporation.

Since inception of the Land Purchase Scheme, i.e. 2014, a total extent of 657.35 acres were purchased in the District.

The Ground Water Department has recommended and drilled 37 bore wells for the LPS lands in the District by involving Ground Water Department.

Crop Assistance :-

Crop Assistance for the LPS beneficiaries is provided as an additional support for (1 year) Crop Assistance to 207 beneficiaries covering an extent of 577.24 acres with Rs. 112.38 Lakhs


The District society has purchased lands and assigned to SC women beneficiaries at Vemulapally (V) Danthalapally (M) and Chinnagudur (V) & (M) and recommended GWD for creation of irrigation sources. The GWD has conducted Geological survey and drilled Bore wells under SCSDF.  Further the Dist. Society has requested to SE NPDCL towards energisation of MI sources, On the basis of the demand notice issued by the NPDCL.  The District Collector/Chairman, DSCSCS Ltd., Mahabubabad has sanctioned and permitted to the VC & Managing Director, TSCCDC Ltd., Hyderabad,  thus the  Dist. Society has paid an amount of Rs.4,30,828/- excluding @ Rs. 70000/- to each source i.e Rs17,50,000/-. After completion of installation of transformers line laying obtain the beneficiaries documentation from   MPDOs then supply and installation of 5HP SMPS.

Skill  Development Programme:-

Exclusively a Web portal / Mobile app is under development for Skill Development Training Programmes which is intended to mobilize SC Unemployed Youth to go for placement / self employment oriented Skill Development Training Programmes to acquire employable skills and to get gainful employment.  Hyperlink:

Driver Empowerment  Programmes:-

The SC Corporation has taken Driver Empowerment Programme with UBER and OLA.

Innovative Income Generating and Group Programmes:-

Mini Dairy (Pilot Project):-

To improve Socio – Economic conditions of SC families living in rural areas who are having piece of minimum half acre land of their family, the Corporation is taking up dairy project on pilot basis in  Bayyaram, Gudur, Kothaguda, Gangaram, Garla and Balapala (V) Kuravi (M) basing on the demand for milk and dairy products in the District. The unit cost is Rs.4.00 lakhs , subsidy Rs2.40 Lakhs Bank loan Rs.1.60Lakhs.

Minor Irrigation Sources (Pilot Project):-

Created Minor Irrigation sources while drilled (12) Bore wells in Govt. Assigned land ac 35-32 among (26) SC beneficiaries. The District Society paid an amount of Rs. 1.81 L towards energisation chargers of 12 MI sources excluding Rs. 8.40 Lakhs i.e. 70000*12, transformer and polls installed line laying completed. Further the District Society required documentation of the beneficiaries from MPDO, soon after documentation 5HP SMPS with pipe line supplies with cost Rs. 14.40 lakhs total project cost of Rs. 35.33 lakhs.

Weekly Visit Programme:-

The VC & MD, TSCCDC Ltd., Hyd has directed for creating awareness SC land holdings, living conditions, earnings poverty level has to be recorded in every Saturday vide Lr.No.P1/1581/18-19, date 10-07-2019 during the weekly visit of villages in SC colonies for creating awareness in minimum needs and corporation activities.



 Present: Sri.R.BALARAJU B.A.

Procgs.No. A1/Office Order/2017.                                Dated:      .11.2020

          Sub  : DSCSCDS Ltd.,Mahabubabad -; work allotted to office staff to

                    DSCSCDS Ltd,.Mahabubabad  Order issued- Reg.

          Ref :- 1. Go. Rt.No. 732, PR&RD, Dept. Dt: 11.10.2016.

  1. Joining reports of the individuals          


          Through the reference cited, the fallowing staff members of DSCSCDS Ltd.,Mahabubabad  have  allotted the sections for smooth functioning of the Administration  


Name of the Employee






R.Balaraju    Executive Director




 B.Basu          Dy.s.o/Sr.Assist








1) Establishment-Pay bills

2) Accounts-Maintenance of cheque  book & Registers

3) ESS-Sanction& Corresponding also obms aniline 

4) RTI Section, all Grievances Correspondence and Maintenance of Registers  

4) And Others works Entrusted by the  ED

5) Preparation of meeting note & Monthly progress reports

P.Ramesh  D.E.O


Data entry operator’ to Assist Dy.S.O/Sr.Assist



Sri M.A. Kareem     Retd.Tahsildar







2)Crop Assistance

3)Irrigation facilities to LPS

4) LPLDS online works


B.Raju D.E.O


Data entry operator’ to Assist the Tahsildar  (Rtrd) 


              The above Officers/sections staff shall take order complete charge of their respective section and commence the work with the immediately  affect .

                                                                                                                                                                                         EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR


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