Fisheries and Aquaculture sector in the Mahabubabad District were recently promoted towards achieving its maximum sustainable potential fish production and the district was ranked at third in fish production in the Telangana state during the 2018-19, due to presence of Pakala and palair river lets, perennial water bodies  like Thularam project,  Bayyam Peddacheruvu and Pedda cheruvu of Garla etc., Out of 7.74 lakhs District population Nearly 11 Thousand Fishermen families are eking out their livelihood from fishing directly or indirectly in co-operative fold, from the above available water sources, in addition to this  35000 families thriving on fishermen profession out of the co-operative fold. As per the records of the district population estimation carried out under the Samagra Kutumba  survey traditional fishermen were belongs to the Gangaputhra, Goondla, Mudiraj, Muthrasi, Boya, Bestha, Thenugollu comprising  45638 Families, and there are 146 registered Fishermen cooperative societies with total of 9748 membership in the Mahabubabad district.

  1. Details on Lease of Fish ponds:
  • there are 210 departmental tanks existing in the Mahabubabad District with 80 Hectares of water spread area. During the year 2019-20 (fasli-1429), the target of lease amout was fixed is  Rs: 7,80,080/- These tanks were leased to the registered cooperative societies for the exploitation of fishery wealth.
  • Since from the formation of new Telangana state, the Government has initiated several schemes for the strengthening of the fishermen on socio economical conditions duly providing financial supported for the traditional fishermen in the district, by implementing various schemes.
  1. Integrated fisheries Development Scheme (IFDS):
  • The objective behind implementation of IFDS is multipronged approach to develop the fisheries industry in the State by supplying free fish seed, two wheeler, four wheeler, mobile fish wending units, hygienic fish transport vehicles, various types of required nets, fish food kiosks, and fish ponds along with electronic weighing machines for  supporting all fishermen stakeholders to improve their livelihood depended activities, by sanctioning relatively high percentage of subsidies in its various individual components, currently this scheme is under implementation.
  1. Distribution of free fish seed:
  • Total there are 1076 tanks in the District, out of this there are 210 departmental tanks under the Fisheries department and 866 tanks under Grampanchayat are feasible for releasing of fish seed. Due to the distribution of this free seed, the Mahabubabad district was ranked at third (3rd) place for its contribution in the total fish production in the Telangana State.
  • During the year 2016-17, the total 1.098 crores, free fish seed were stocked in the 196 tanks, and total fish production is 10775 tonnes.
  • During the year 2017-18, the total 4.20 crores, free fish seed were stocked in the 832 tanks, and total fish production is 10067.4 tonnes.
  • During the year 2018-19, the total 3.88 crores, free fish seed were stocked in the 920 tanks, and total fish production is 17656 tonnes
  • During the year 2019-20, the total 4.20 crores, free fish seed were stocked in the 1036 tanks,
  1. Construction of fish ponds:
  • Under this IFDS so far (70) applications were approved as per the District level committee the proposal were submitted to the Commissioner of Fisheries, Hyderabad sanctioning, For the purpose of implementing this scheme 70.552 Lakhs and there are 62 applications were in the process of Scrutiny under the IFDS.

The details of fish ponds Subsidy-Blue Revolution:

  • Construction of new Fish ponds: Unit cost/Ha is 8.50Lakhs, Subsidy for SC/ST is 60% and all others is 40%.
  • Construction of fish seed rearing ponds: unit cost/Ha is 7.50 Lakhs, Subsidy for SC/ST is 60% and all others is 40%.

The details of subsidy for fish ponds to be excavated in IFDS

(only registered fisheries cooperative members are eligible to apply).

  • Construction of new fish ponds: Unit cost/Ha is 8.50Lakhs, subsidy is 75%.
  • Fish seed rearing ponds: unit cost/Ha is 7.50Lakhs, Subsidy is 75%.
  • Captive fish seed rearing unit: unit cost/Ha is 7.50Lakhs, subsidy is 90%.
  1. Distribution of Assets:
  • under this components of IFDS, so far 13.29,43,733/- crores amount,1365 vending unit with mopeds, 128 Luggage Autos, 06 Hygienic transport vehicles, 35 Mobile fish outlets, 21 portable tent kiosks, 05 drag nets, 114 crafts and nets, 76 units plastic crates were distributed to eligible beneficiaries.
  1. Construction of Community Halls:
  • For the purpose of conducting fishermen cooperative societies and community activities, Unit cost is Rs. 10.00Lakhs, in this the Government subsidy is 9.00Lakhs and the beneficiary contribution share is Rs. 1.00 Lakhs. Since from the formation of new district (11) community halls were sanctioned. As per orders issued by the District Collector, Mahabubabad, were sanctioned to the following societies, the Construction work is under the progress under District panchayat raj.
  1. Construction of Fish markets:
  • For earning the consumer demand for high quality fish selling in (02) Mandal as (a) Kuravi Mandal, (b) Maripeda Mandal. Unit cost is Rs. 10Lakhs/unit in each Mandal, total Rs. 20.00Lakhs were sanctioned and the necessary activities towards construction were taken up in progress.
  1. Accidental Insurance Scheme to the Fishermen:
  • To the Registered Cooperative society member when accidental death due to fish harvest and allied activities will occurred their nominee will be eligible to apply for claiming insurance scheme. 2.00 Lakhs from Central Government (FISHCOPFED, NEW DELHI) and Rs. 4.00Lakhs Ex gratia from the State Government will be sanctioned the scheme is on the process. So far (14) claims were submitted to Commissioner, Hyderabad, out of the this (04) claims were completed.


Staff Particulars – Fisheries Department
S.NO Name of the Department Name of the Employee Designation Contact Mobile number Remarks


Fisheries Department

Domala Anjaneyaswamy

District Fisheries Officer



Todeti Salman Raju

Assist inspector of Fisheries



Faiz Reyaz Ahmed Khan




Anthadupula Ramesh

Office Subordinate



C. Sadaiah




Bhukya Bhaskar

Field Officer



Dasari Naresh

Computer Operator



Jetti Raju

Field Assistant

938188252/   9951771275


Turpati Vishnu

Field Assistant

9666860026/ 8074667536


Vaddi Sripathi


6304106245/ 9849198238


Naraboina Suresh


9010504095/ 9849307564


Pilli Venu


9182199597/ 9177174815