Sl.No Department Name of the Office Name of the Employee Desgination Contact No
1 Minorities Welfare  District Minorities Welfare Office Mahabubabad K.Srinivasa Rao DMWO 9493011839
2 E.Srinivas Sr.Asst 9491827455
3 G.Gopi Krishna D.E.O 9177996098


The Mahabubabad district hasnewly formed and has been working from the date of established i.e 11-10-2017 for minor intention to provide financial assistance through various schemes to improving of living standards of Minorities.Minorities population in Mahabubabad District as shown below.

Minorities Welfare Department – Mahabubabad:
Sl.No Religion Population % of population of Total Minorities
1 Muslims 25429 85%
2 Christians 3961 13%
3 Sikhs 68 0.45%
4 Budhists 70 0.50%
5 Jains 331 1.0%
6 Parsis 17 0.05%
  Total 29876 100%

The Shaadi Mubarak Scheme giving financial assistance for Minorities Brides amount is Rs.1,00,116/-(Rupees One Lakh One Hundred Sixteen only) to each unmarried girl at the time of marriage residing in Telangana only. Process of Applications is being made through website https// scheme was introduced from 02.10.2014.

Shaadi Mubarak Scheme:
Sl.No </th scope=”col”> Total Registrations Pending for Verification Verified and pending for Sanction Rejected Sanctioned and bills Prepared Tatal amount sanctioned Rs Remarks
1 194 23 4 2 165 84,15,000  

The Post Metric Scholarships will be sanctioned to the Minority Students of Intermediate, Graduation, Post-Graduation and Professional Courses to the economically backward Minority Students. Process of Applications is being made through website

Post Metric Scholarships & Fee Reimbursement (Govt. of Telangana):
Sl.No No. of Students Registered No. of Students Sanctioned RTF amount MTF amount Total Reg
1 626 550 38,79,741/- 45,20,056/- 83,99,787/-