AssistantCommissioner  (StateTaxes)



Due to transfers the work of staff Asst.Commissioner(ST) mahabubabad is distributed

among staff of this office as under. This office order comes into force with immediate effect.



Role of Assistant Commissioner(ST)


Planning of Target achievement

Over all supervision of

Work allotment and as certaining reasons for achievement /non-




Drawing and disbursing officer


 Completion of assessments under TVATAct2005, CST ACT1956 and


Other repealed Acts.


Supervision of Collection of Current Arrears and old Arrears under

Repealed Act’s

Repealed Acts.

Supervision of Cases under RRact.


Supervision of Updation of AGPARAS, Revisions, Reply to AG from



Time to time.


Processing refunds under repealed Acts.


Revisions, Re-assessment, effectual orders, Treasury Reconciliation.


Verification of Judicial issues and passing of orders, filing of appeals

Court Maters

Before Appellate authorities, monitoring of cases pending with

Different Appellate Authority and Judiciary, filing of Affidavits before



The Judiciary, updating of stage.

GST Administration

Supervision of Registration work, Street survey, Migration from


Composition to normal tax able person and conducting of

reviews with Deputy State Tax officers.

  • Review of reasons for not filing returns and initiation of action against return non filers.
  • Determination of liability on the Goods and services of both that are not accounted for in the books of the person.
  • Refund of Tax ,Refund on provisional basis and making an order for final settlement of there fund claim, with old the payment of refund ordeduct any liabilities from there fund due.
  • Provisional Assessment, Scrutiny of Returns Assessment of non-filers of returns, Assessment of unregistered persons, Summary Selection of Audits Basing on the information gathered from the market Sources, Scrutiny of MIS Reports and other sources and obtaining authorization, monitoring Audits of subordinate officers Conducting Special Audits.

Determination of tax not paid or short paid or erroneously refunded or input tax credit wrongly availed or utilized for any reason other than  fraud or any willful misstatement or suppression of facts.

  • Determination of tax not paid or short paid or erroneously refunded or input tax credit wrongly availed or utilized for any reason of fraud or any.

willful misstatement or suppression of facts.

  • Action relating to tax collected by a person but not paid to Issue of Recovery proceedings.

Recovery of out standing dues.                                                                                                                                                                       

Transfer of property to be declared asvoidincertain cases.

    Accepting Bond/ Let ero funder taking furnished by taxable persons inelation to export duty.

  • Initiation of Penalty Proceedings for failure to furnish


 Vehicular checks and allotment of duties

Imposition of penalty incertain cases. Monitoring of in respective jurisdiction limits among officers and conducting of reviews and report the same to higher authorities.            

Detention, seizure and release of goods and conveyances in transit.

Scrutiny of Form GSTTRAN1,Form GSTTRAN2,Form GSTTRAN3 Returns filed by the tax able persons.


State Tax Officer:


  • Conducting summary assessments in respect ofpersons paying tax under section 10 and on authorization of JointCommissioner of State Tax of the Division concerned conducting summary assessments of the persons other than LTU.

  • Audit in respect of persons paying tax under section10 and on authorization of Joint Commissioner of State Ta xof the Division 100(3),100(4)&
  • concerned conducting audit of other persons other than LTU.
  • On authorization of Assistant Commissioner/Joint Commissioner inspecting goods in movement and verification of documents and devices related to such movement of goods.
  • Determination of tax not paid or short paid or erroneously refunded or 101(2)101(3),101(4) input tax credit wrongly availed or utilized for any reason other than fraud or any willful misstatement are suppression of tax in respect of &101(5). persons paying tax under section10 and on authorization of Joint Commissioner of State Tax of the Division concerned in respect of Section68(3) persons other than LTU.
  • Determination of tax not paid or short paid or erroneously refunded or input tax credit wrongly availed or utilized for any reason of fraud .


Smt. N.Swarnalatha:

DeputyStateTax Officer-1(Reg)


Sri .G.AmruthaRao

Deputy State Tax Officer- 2 (C/A):

Smt. G.ArunaSenior Assistant-I(ESTB and REG) (A1 seat):

  1. Establishment matters and maintenance of service registers of the employees.
  2. preparation of pay bills and other bills drawing and disbursing work.
  3. maintenance of C.L register and leaves account.
  4. Monitoring of office and record room.
  5. Miscellaneous work and other matter relating to office work.
  6. Registration work under VAT/CST and GST acts and maintenance of connected registers.
  7. To Print out E-Mails Every day.
  8. To assist DSTO-1(REG) in any work instructed in monitoring the data of VATIS and GST.
  9. Any other work entrusted by DSTO-1(REG) and Asst.Commissioner(ST) from time to time.       

Senior Assistant – II ( C/A and INT ) (A2 seat):


  1. Monitoring in watching of tax incentive cases.
  2. Scrutiny of VAT and CST VI returns.
  3. Monitoring of backlog work APGST ,CST preparation of Draft notes and pending  CST Assessments.
  4. Monitoring in court matters, AGs Audit paras, (internal and external) Rectification reports in all acts

(Excluding PT)

  1. Preparation of Notices and orders of Remanded cases under APGST,CST,VAT and GST.
  2. preparation of Monthly and additional Statistics.
  3. monitoring in ATRs of Vigilance and Enforcement reports under all VAT CST APGST and GST.
  4. Assistance to the DSTO-III(int) in Audit work and preparation of notices. 
  5. issue of VAT 305A on findings, Proposing tax, penalty and interest.
  6. Receipt of replies from dealers.
  7. maintenance of Audit files and records.
  8. Maintenance of cross verification files received from other circle offices and issue of cross

verifications files from this office

  1. Any other work entrusted by DSTO  III (int) and Asst.Commissioner(ST) from time to time.
  2. preparation of statistics information.  

Senior Assistant-III(A3 seat )


  1. Monitoring data entry, returns and revenue collections.
  2. Maintenance of all records/ Registers under professional tax act
  3. Data entry information pertaining to P.T in new PT & DMU Packages collection under PT act
  4. Monitoring of reconciliation of revenue under PT.
  5. Preparation DCB registers under APVAT,CST and TSPT acts.
  6. G and Internal Audit reports pertain to PT ACT.
  7. Assistance to State tax officer in collection of taxes and returns under U/APPT act.
  8. Maintenance of professional tax correspondence files and audit files
  9. Reports relating to RV&EO U/APPT act
  10. Attending the files under RTI ACT.
  11. Reconciliation work with treasury figures under all acts.
  12. Assistance to DCTO in Collection work and outdoor work.
  1. Submission of daily collection report and statistics information
  2. Any other work entrusted by State Tax Officer and Asst.Commissioner(ST) from time to time.

Senior Assistant-IV(A4 seat )

Sri J.Sangappa.

  1. Maintenance of all records, register and files under APET Act
  2. Writing of CPR under APET and data entry of CPR.
  3. Preparation of DCBs, Net Proceeds under APET act
  4. Data Entry of APET in DMU package.
  5. General correspondence, inter Departmental co-ordination work and AG audit wroks in APET.
  6. Any other work entrusted by the DSTO-II and Asst.Commissioner(ST) time to time.

Junior Assistant-I(B1 seat )

Smt. B.Jayamma

  1. Maintenance of Record Room and connected records like L.Dis, D.Dis, R.Dis, etc. relating to closed files.
  2. Maintenance of Files / Ledgers in record room.
  3. Inward and outward registers.
  4. Receiving of returns and letters.
  5. Maintenance of Service postage stamps A/C registers etc.
  6. Assistance to Sr.Asst (A1) in distribution of current and other tappals.
  7. Any other work entrusted by the Asst.Commissioner(ST) time to time.

Junior Assistant-II(B2 seat )

Sri P.Sharath

  1. Maintenance of Manual Challan posting registers and challans( VAT and CST).
  2. Maintenance of audit files received from other circles.
  3. Data entry of cheques, generation of challans and maintenance of cheque register.
  4. Asst to DCTO II instructed any work.
  5. Assist the Sr.Asst(A1) in Reconciliation work with treasury and any DTO works..
  6. Assist to A4 seat as instructed.
  7. Any other work entrusted by the Asst.Commissioner(ST) time to time. 

Junior Assistant-III(B3 seat )

Sri B.Kumaraswamy

  1. Maintenance of Brief inspection and annual inspection files under all acts.
  2. Assist the Sr.Asst(A3) in maintenance of old arrear files and connected records and updating of DMU
  3. Maintenance of CPR under APPT act.
  4. Obtaining of Challans from the treasuries concerned every day.
  5. Assist the Sr.Asst(A3) in Reconciliation work with treasury figures under all acts
  6. Assist to A2 seat in audit works, preparation of statistics work and submission of daily collection report.
  7. Assist to A2 seat in any other work instructed
  8. Any other work entrusted by the state tax officer and AC(ST) from time to time.


( Signature)

Further the duty with regard to submission of cheques, remittance of cash into the government

treasury and submission of various bills into the treasury office the following class-IV employees

 are allotted for the period against each. and any work entrusted by Asst.commissioner (ST) time to time



Name of the office sub-ordinates

And Assistant to

(every year) in DTO work


Sri. P.Venkatramulu

AC  and DSTO(int)

January, February


Sri. V.Purnanand

AC  and DSTO(int)

March ,April


Sri. B.Anjaiah


May, June


Sri  D.Bixamaiah


July, August


Sri  J.Sammaiah


September, October


Sri  L.Narsaiah


November, December



Sl.No. Employee I.D.NO. Name of the employee present desingation  Mobile no.(10 digit Numerals) Remarks
1 2 3 4 5 6
1 1628847 D. USHA RANI (AC(ST)FAC) 8008306999  
2 1628847 D. USHA RANI STO 8008306999  
3 1619855 K.LAXMI NARASIMHA RAO DSTO 8978070700  
4 2102517 G.AMRUTHA RAO, ACTO DSTO 9866061034  
6 1351618 N.SWARNALATHA,ACTO DSTO 8465832450  
8 1600934 P.RAJASEKHAR SENIOR ASSISTANT 9959096651  
9 2150224 G.ARUNA SENIOR ASSISTANT 8886511993  
10 2158472 B.JAYAMMA,JR.ASST JUNIOR ASSISTANT 9492194658  
12 2156321 P.SHARATH JR.ASST JUNIOR ASSISTANT 7799075747  
13 2130160 B. ANJAIAH, O.S. OFFICE SUBORDINATE 9989118619  
14 2130166 P. VENKATRAMULU, O.S. OFFICE SUBORDINATE 9908002560  
15 2130165 D. BIXAMAIAH  O.S. OFFICE SUBORDINATE 8143892969  
16 2130161 V. PURNANAND, O.S. OFFICE SUBORDINATE 8341505374  
17 2130162 J.SAMMAIAH , O.S.  OFFICE SUBORDINATE 914346678866  
18 2130168 L. NARSAIAH   SCNWM SCNWM 9963771967  


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