Collector Sir Field Visit Photo’s

The District Collector visited the grain purchasing centers at Chityala along with the Pedda Vangara Mandal Center and spoke to the farmers. Farmers were advised to co-operate as the grain yield increased and to dry the grain as much as possible either in pits or at home.
The District Collector inspected the old EVM godown at the Collector's office in the district center as well as the new EVM warehouses at Kuravi Road. On the occasion, the Collector said that the new EVM warehouse works should be carried out with quality
In Kuravi Mandal Modugula Goodem and Kampalli, the District Collector personally inspected the school management style, attendance percentage, toilet management school premises and mid-day meal implementation. They want to clean the school premises with EGS funds and carry out with brushwood where there is no compound.
The District Collector visited and inspected the rice crop yield experiment in Kuravi Zone Lingya Tanda and the Chief Planning Officer explained the details of the grain harvested by measuring the crop yield in five lengths and five widths.
The District Collector reviewed with the concerned authorities the steps being taken to set up industries through TS-iPASS, suggesting that it should be converted into a district in order to contribute to the establishment of more units in the district and to export to other areas in addition to our district requirements
The district collector directed the officials to formulate an action plan and take immediate action to increase the enrollment percentage of students in schools in the district. Everyone working in educational institutions was instructed to visit the medical teams in schools every day and get vaccinated.
The District Collector visited Nellikuduru and Torrur zones to inspect the quality of roads, cleanliness of educational institutions and construction of a new primary health center. The dormitory facilities at the school need to be inspected and cleaned
District Collector Shashanka said that the performance of Anganwadi Centers should be improved and special attention should be paid to girls' education and Beti Bachao Beti Padao programs should be organized. They want to increase vigilance at the village level to prevent child marriages
The District Collector inspected the construction of drains on the main road in Dornakal Municipality, model market works and later the construction of 2 bedroom houses being constructed in Chapla Tanda. Additional Collector and concerned officials participated in the event.