TSLA Elections – 2018 Nodal Officers

Sl.No. Nodal Officer for Name of the

Nodal Officer Sri / Smt.

Designation Contact No. Email ID
1 EVM Management M.David Joint Collector


7995085424 jc.mahabubabad@gmail.com
2 Model Code of Conduct M.David Joint Collector


7995085424 jc.mahabubabad@gmail.com
3 L&O,VM &

District Security Plan & Identification of Expenditure sensitive pockets (ESPs) & Expenditure sensitive Constituencies (ESCs)

N.Koti Reddy Superintendent of Police


8332851100 spmbd2017@gmail.com
4 Manpower Management D.Komuraiah CPO


9397037513 cpo.mbad@gmail.com
5 Transport Management B.Bhadru Naik Dist. Transport Officer


9849397555 banothubhadru60@gmail.com
6 Training Management K.Suryanarayana DH&SO 7997725108 dhso.mahaboobabad@gmail.com
7 Risk Management Plan D.Anjaneya Swamy Dist.Fish Officer


9949968466 dfomahbubabad@gmail.com
V.Veeresham GM,  DIC


9849023916 gmdicmhbd@gmail.com
K.Suryanarayana DH&SO 7997725108 dhso.mahaboobabad@gmail.com
8 Material Management & Mobilization of video cameras/web cams as per requirement of VST, FS & SST R.Raju DSCDO 8008913737 dscdomahabubabad@


K.Laxmana Chary DBCDO 9577352260 dbcdo-mbd@gmail.com
9 Ballot Paper / Postal /Dummy ballot/ voter slip distribution. V.Veeresham GM,  DIC


9849023916 gmdicmhbd@gmail.com
10 Ele.Expenditure Monitoring Smt.K.Indira DCO


9573576067 dcombad@gmail.com
11 Media Commns Md.Ayub Ali DPRO


9949351659 dpromahbad@gmail.com
Arrangements for TV/ Computers with TV Connection for MCMC team Md.Ayub Ali DPRO


9949351659 dpromahbad@gmail.com
12 Observers R.Balaraju ED SC Corpn


9849943887 edscmabd@gmail.com


1.Booth level awareness Groups

(BAGs), Organizing Meetings with all citizen societies (CSOs/NGOs), academicians, media persons & intellectuals on ethical voting.

2.Organizing debate slogan, cartoon etc., competitions in schools & colleges on ethical voting.

3.Preparation of advertisement materials, audio video visuals, slogans ect.

Smt.Satyapriya DEO


9000773421 deomahbad@gmail.com
K.Srinivasa Rao DMWO


9493011839 dmwomhbd@gmail.com
14 Helpline  & Complaints


K.Priyanka DTDO


9542170774 dtdo.mahabubabad@gmail.com
15 IT Communication & SMS Monitoring


D.Anjaneya Swamy Dist.Fish Officer


9949968466 dfomahbubabad@gmail.com
16 Computerization A.Raju E-DM


9059396290 edm-mbd@ telangana.gov.in
17 Pooling person Welfare Officer B.Chatru Naik DAO 7288894786 daomahabubabad@ gmail.com
18 Polling Station wise Men & Material movement plan A.Narasimha Murthi AD, S&L R  (FAC) 8464099482 slradmbad@gmail.com
19 Collecting the data of the employees from all the departments in the district and uploading in required formats M.Venkata Reddy AO, Collectorate 7995085420 dro.mahabubabad@gmail.com